expertist - The platform for international expertise

The year 2020 has shown us that location-independent collaboration is no longer a challenge and brings with it many positive aspects. expertist supports you in finding international freelancers. Profit from our international network of Scrum masters, who are available to you remotely. You also benefit from the price advantage that comes with international cooperation.

The advantages of expertist

Less effort

expertist makes your work easier and accompanies you in a structured manner during the entire consultant purchase.

Good results

expertist helps you to choose the appropriate negotiation mechanism and automatically conducts the desired negotiation for you.

Strong negotiating power

Create high international competition and negotiate directly with the freelancer.

The potential for savings

The total costs of purchasing and using consultants can be drastically reduced with expertist at various levels.

Mediation costs

Cost reduction with expertist by 10-20 compared to established intermediaries

Costs for consultants

Optimum use of competition through dynamic online negotiations

Internal process costs

High degree of automation of communication results in significantly reduced time spent in purchasing and department


The digital assistant for the purchase of consulting services.

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